David Austin

Open textbooks

I am invested in making sure that high-quality educational resources are accessible to all students. Here are a few things that I'm involved in.

I am the author of Understanding Linear Algebra, an open-access linear algebra textbook written in PreTeXt and endorsed by the Open Textbook Initiative.

You should also check out Active Calculus, the amazing open-access calculus text from Matt Boelkins

I currently serve as the Director of the Open Textbook Initiative, sponsored by the American Institute of Mathematics, with a mission to promote the use of open-access mathematics textbooks.

The Mathematical Community Working to Create Better (And Free!) Textbooks, a paper I recently wrote for the American Mathematical Monthly.

Accessible mathematical diagrams

I am currently developing software to enable authors to easily create accessible mathematical diagrams.

Authoring Web-accessible Mathematical Diagrams, a paper co-authored with Volker Sorge. This paper was awarded the prize for Best Communication Paper at the Web4All 2023 Conference, sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinery.

Authoring Web-accessible Mathematical Diagrams, our video submission to the Accessibility Challenge at the Web4All 2023 conference.

Current work is focused on creating tactile mathematical diagrams for visually-impaired readers. In addition to developing general tools for tactile mathematical illustration, I have created tactile diagrams to accompany a braille version of Matt Boelkins' Active Prelude to Calculus and am now illustrating < Active Calculus.

A recent post on Matt's Active Calculus blog gives some details.

Indigenous Mathematicians

I belong to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and encourage you to explore these Profiles of Indigenous Mathematicians.

As an Indigenous mathematician, I am working to build connections and provide mathematical opportunities for Indigenous students that respect Indigenous culture. I am currently serving as a co-chair of the Broadening Participation Advisory Committee at SLMath.

PIC Math and GVSU's applied math capstone

As an outgrowth of the MAA's PIC Math program, I helped developed MTH 498, the math department's applied math capstone course. We have developed a number of wonderful partnerships with local businesses, governments, and non-profits. One partnership has been with the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan making use of their open data portal GRData.

Here are some student projects I have supervised:

AMS Feature Column

The American Mathematical Society's Feature Column is a monthly column written for a general audience and published by the AMS Public Awareness Office. I wrote on a variety of topics for the Feature Column from 2005 to 2022.